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Safari photo nature

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Can I demand a personal configuration of my voyage?

Carpathians and With your family packages could be adapt according to your demands

Danube Delta and Africa: it‘s unchangeable

Need more information, fell free to contact us.

Payment conditions ?

Check here our conditions.

I like to buy a trip but I don’t want to manage my flight. Could you do this for me?

Yes, we can! The ticket will be paid in advance.

Administrative fee: 15€.

For more information, please contact us.

DOS and DON’TS alone in front of a bear

Just stay in your photographer lookout and take pictures.

If you get out (strongly advise against), keep your calm. They are not naturally aggressive; the attack chances are smallest then getting hit by a lightning.  

If the distance between you and the animal is, let’s say long enough and you think that the bear didn’t saw you, go away slowly and quietly. Keep your eyes on the bear, do not run! Act as normally as possible.

If the bear saw you, let him “believe” that is not attacked/chased. Give him the possibility to run, to go away. Walk back and speak to him constantly with a clear but calm voice tone.  Keep your eyes on the bear but don’t shoot its eyes.  Try to look bigger than you really are by lifting your arms over your head.

If it’s a she bear with cubs do not put your self between the mother and the cubs – they are really but really protective with their cubs.

If the bear is quite close to you, abandon your food supplies (general rule, they are volunteering approaching humans only for food).  If this is not enough just scream and throw objects in his direction, a pepper bomb it’s useful;  if you have a whistle, use it, make noise. Remember, do not run! He will take you hunting and his faster then you; he runs 40km/hour.  He is also a good climber so; climbing tree is not an option either.

You will follow a special dedicated lesson BEFORE going to take picture of a bear. Your guide will take care of you.

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