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Safari photo nature

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Danube Delta is a magnificent labyrinth of lakes, marsh, dunes, sands and water channels thru reed fields.
Savage luxurious vegetation and a unique fauna host this territory.

Blue sky is always paint in crossed trajectory by pelicans, swans, cormorants, egrets, eagles with white tail and many others.

In the waters there are sturgeons, carps, Danube mackerel (Alosa pontica), in reeds bushes reptiles, frogs, castors, foxes, wild boars etc.

Safari-photo-nature is offering you the possibility to take photos in this unique paradise; your guide specialist in biology; your boat – Martin, the fish man completely at your disposal.

| Danube Delta: the place to be for nature and animals photographers

The universal value of the reserve was recognized by the Man and Biosphere (MAB) Programme of UNESCO in 1990, through its inclusion in the international network of biosphere reserves.

Danube Delta is the only Delta in the world entirely declared as Biosphere Reserve. This photographers paradise it’s a living museum of biodiversity with 30 types of ecosystems, one of the biggest wetlands in the world, habitat of the waterfowl , the biggest area of compact reed beds on the planet.

| Species that you can take pictures of on the             Danube Delta team has a difficult mission to name all the species.

The mosaic of habitats developed in the Danube Delta is the most various in Romania, hosting a great variety of communities of plants and animals that counts around 5,429 types.

The Bern Convention protects an important number of birds (313 out of the 331 species), mammals (22 protected species and 7 strictly protected species) and fish (22 protected species).

Other species:
> mollusks (91 species)
> insects (2 244 species)
> fishes (135 species)
> amphibians (10 species)
> reptiles (11 species)
> mammals (42 species)
> birds (331 species) –  60% of wold population of Pygmy Cormorant ( Phalacocrorax pygmeus) and 50% of paleartic population of White Pelican (Pelecanus onocrotalus)

Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve is a natural gene bank with inestimable value for the world's natural heritage.
So you can easily photograph in here the white pelican (Pelecanus onocrotalus), the Dalmatian pelican (Pelecanus crispus) and the pygmy cormorant (60% from total world population) (Phalacrocorax pygmeus).

There are also important colonies of spoonbill (Platalea leucorodia) and several nesting species of white-tailed eagle (Haliaeetus albicilla). The Danube Delta area is a major halting place (during spring and autumn) for millions of birds, especially ducks, white storks (Ciconia ciconia) and numerous predators. During winter, the Danube Delta hosts huge groups of swans and geese, including almost the entire world population of red-breasted goose (Branta ruficollis).

| Photograph those beautiful birds without being     seen

You can get closer and take pictures of these birds without being seen or scaring them with a unique local special build system.

It’s about a barrel lunched near the birds’ colonies that permits to take great pictures.

This technique is precise because the birds aren’t afraid by noises (engine sound).

>>> Visit our photo gallery

| New in 2012: Tailor-made round trip

No obligation for 10 persons group. Photography round trips on the Danube Delta for 1-3 persons, also possible.

Price per day: 250€ (for minimum 3 days)

The service is including: welcome at the airport (according to your flight time table), transfer on the Danube Delta, accommodation in a family pension, 3 meals/day, photography lookouts on the Danube rives and/or a boat, tax access in the Reserve, guide, transfer to the airport.  

| Photo tours: ornithological cruise 8 days /               7nights

Departure on Saturdays

Day 1: Arrival to Bucharest , 3 * hotel accommodation

Day 2: Departure to Murighiol (300 km). On the trajectory visit to Enisala castle ruins and Babadag plateau. Dinner and accommodation on a boat/floating  hotel.  

Day 3: Departure to Sfantul Gheorghe. Photography. Lunch.  Plenty opportunities to take pictures during the trek along the water channel towards Sulina.   Floating  hotel accommodation.

Day 4: Departure to Sahalin Island. After lunch, visit to an atypical village inhabited by a population with Ukrainian origins. Photography all day long; dinner on the cruise boat.

Day 5: Departure to Dranov Channel. If the water level permits, visit to Perisor, a sand bank that limits Danube Delta from the Black See. Great opportunity to take pictures of a magnificent savage beach. Lunch and dinner will be served on the cruise boat. 

Day 6: Zatone photo trip – contact bank sand place between the Danube Delta and the Black See.  Photography at will.

Day 7: Depature to Holbina with smaller boats; a promise for exceptional pictures in one of the most beautiful places on Danube Delta; return to Murighiol.

Day 8: Departure to Bucharest – visit to Village Museum, transfer to the airport.

Your comfort  
Real floating hotels, double room with bathroom, restaurant, local cuisine, high photographer lookouts, and excellent service personnel.

Photo trip guide
Biology professors and/or zoology, ornithology specialists.

| Price for photo ornotological cruise

Boat cruise (internal reference RODCBBAT)

> Price per adult, double room cabin: 1330€

> Price per child (2 -12 years) : - 440€

Minimun 10 persons. For more information, please contact us. Please, also check our general conditions.

Prices include
Flight Brussels (Zaventem)- Bucharest – Brussels; Saturdays round trip

Welcome at the airport, transfer to the hotel

Transfer to Bucharest - Murighiol (Danube Delta)- Bucharest with AC car/minibus/bus according to tourist number

Accommodation: 6 night on floating boat, double room cabin (with bathroom), 3* hotel for 1 night in Bucharest (at arrival or before departure according to fight tine table).

3 Meals /day, without alcohols.

Tour guide – specialist in biology/ zoology/ ornithology /botany, French or and English speaking.

Entry taxes for the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve, VAT, airport taxes, and local taxes.

Maxitours’ Selection World Assistance Insurances (cancelation, assistance etc)

Other possibilities
Prolong your vacation on the Black See beach or with a round trip in Romania. Contact us.
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 Photograph: Europe’s big mammals, Carpathian flora, Danube’s rarest birds, wild Africa

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